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Welcome to the 2024 Eastern Division 

The 2024 Eastern Division will feature tournaments launching from the Mentor Lagoons, Cleveland Harbor and Lorain Harbor.  These tournaments are cost effective events where anglers can have fun competing against others on the largemouth filled, protected, near-shore waters of Lake Erie.  All adjoining waters of Lake Erie and it's tributaries are in play, so you can run to your local hot spot if you wish to do so.  The G.L.L.S. Eastern Division is great for both seasoned and new tournament anglers.  We promote a friendly atmosphere where individuals, teams, couples and youth(w/ parent) can experience the thrill of competitive angling.

All members will be eligible to fish any of the nearly two dozen GLLS events this season.  By participating in a minimum of (3) events, across all divisions, teams will qualify for the 100% payback championship.   In addition to the $5,000 minimum first place prize, thousands of dollars of sponsor product will be given away at this year's Championship.

A divisional, "Team of the Year" points leader will be awarded with plaques and bonus of $500. Based on 200 point system per Eastern division event. (Total 5 Tournaments)

2024 GLLS Eastern Division Schedule

#1 Saturday, June 22nd Mentor- Mentor Lagoons Ramp

#2  Saturday, July 6th Cleveland- Edgewater Ramp 

#3  Saturday, August 3rd  Cleveland Edgewater Ramp 

#4  Saturday, August 31st Lorain - Black River Wharf Ramp

#5  Saturday, September 28th  Cleveland- Edgewater Ramp     

(click on ramp for directions)
All events launch at Sunrise

Please note the following rule:  You may not tag or cull your fish by puncturing the fish.  There are many puncture-free cull systems on the market that anglers may use instead.

For all questions please contact Eastern Division Director, Brian Biller at brianb1976@oh.rr.com

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