Bassmaster Team Championship

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The Great Lakes largemouth Series is proud to offer it's members the opportunity to advance to the the Toyota Bassmaster Team Championship.

You could even advance all the way to the Bassmasters Classic! New this year, with every team membership we can send one team per 25 memberships to the team championship. 

The $500 entry fee for the highest qualify team will receive the entry fee paid which is sponsored by Freedom Outdoors

Additional qualified teams will be responsible for their entry fee. If a team chooses not to attend than the opportunity will be passed down to the next qualified team. The rules below are only for qualifying to the BTC and not how you qualify for the GLLS championship.

B.A.S.S. Team Championship (BTC) Qualifications 


All teams are now eligible to qualify for the Bassmaster Team Championship and the $20 membership to B.A.S.S will be paid out of your GLLS team membership. Members must provide name, address, phone number and email. GLLS will collect registration and submit to B.A.S.S. Members will receive BASS Times.Teams must consist of two (2) members. No single teams permitted. 


  • GLLS will send one (1) team to the BTC for every twenty-five (25) teams that become members of the BTC. 
  • Teams will advance from each Division to the GLLS Championship where the highest finishing team(s) will qualify for the BTC. 
  • Division Tournaments will have in place a points system based on 100 points for highest eligible finisher and descending 1 point per eligible position. 
  • The top fifty percent (50%) teams in points from each Division will advance to the GLLS Championship.
  • Points accumulation will be based on best four (4) tournaments within a Division. 
  • Alternates will not be permitted at GLLS Championship.


All current GLLS rules will apply unless specific items are implemented for the BTC.

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