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The Great Lakes have long been known for providing bass anglers with world class smallmouth bass fishing action.  But in recent years, the largemouth bass have been grabbing the attention of many Great Lakes anglers. 

            As “green fish” populations in the backwaters, bays and marinas of Lake Erie have exploded, bass anglers have found that in addition to being numerous, the largemouth are big, healthy, and easily coaxed into biting.  Popular techniques for targeting these shallow water lunkers include flipping, cranking, and frogging. 

            Today, the Mojo Sportswear Great Lakes Largemouth Series is the fastest growing “largemouth only” tournament organization on the Great Lakes.  Entering its seventh season, the three divisons of G.L.L.S. will host twenty-one tournaments in Ohio.

            This unique tournament concept has garnered strong support from sponsors and bass tournament anglers alike, and as a result, the G.L.L.S. boasts a 100% payback championship event powered by Cabela's with a $5,000 guaranteed first place prize.  To qualify for the championship, teams must simply compete in 4 of the 19 regular season tournaments.  With divisions launching from Central Lake Erie, Toledo and Eastern Ohio, Midwest bass anglers don’t have to look too far to find a tournament in their backyard.

            Currently, the G.L.L.S. Central Lake Erie Division (powered by Knox Marine) boasts the largest participating field, at 50+ teams.  It’s anticipated that all divisions will draw 20 or more boats on average, including the Vic's Sports Center Eastern Division, the most recent division to be added to the G.L.L.S. 

            G.L.L.S. members enjoy exclusive member discounts and contingency incentives, which makes those who qualify eligible for thousands of dollars in additional purse money.  To review the G.L.L.S. contingency program, please visit: http://www.greatlakeslargemouthseries.com/about/contingency-awards/

            Mojo Sportswear (www.mojo-gear.com) has partnered with the G.L.L.S. for the 2017 season as the title sponsor of the series.  G.L.L.S. members who purchase a G.L.L.S Mojo Sportswear Tournament shirt for $25 (including shipping) will be eligible for added tournament bonuses.  Specifically, the top 3 highest finishing teams who purchases the G.L.L.S Mojo Sportswear Jersey and wear it at the championship will be awarded with a $500, $300 and $150 Mojo Sportswear gift card.

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