Trophy Opens

The Trophy Opens are new events for 2020. The Trophy Opens are all about catching two monster Largemouth Bass! These events do not require a membership

ODNR has changed the off limit/harvest rules this year and are allowing one Largemouth Bass 18 inches and over to be harvested/culled during the normal off limits season. Since this is a open team event your team will be able to weigh in two Largemouth Bass over 18 inches. 

This years Trophy Open dates are

  • 5/10/2020 West Harbor Ramp
  • 6/7/2020 West Harbor Ramp

Here are the rules for the Trophy Opens

  • Team event 
  • No Membership
  • Ohio Waters only
  • $100 tournament entry fee. Same payout structure as regular division event
  • (2) Largemouth Bass over 18 inches per two man team
  • No puncture culling allowed
  • Idle out to the lake only and no passing in idle zone. You cannot get up on plane this year and cut across the triangle
  • The Trophy Open events do count towards your four qualifying team events for the $5,000 first place guarantee championship
  • All GLLS rule apply

Register online or mail in entry.

For any questions please contact DJ at 614-657-8270 or David at 614-361-5548

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